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Architectural Control Committee

Before you hire a painter, before you schedule a new roof, before you do the work on new landscaping, it's a good idea to talk with the ACC about your upcoming project. Don't take a chance that you might end up in violation of the CCRs.

Don't delay--contact the ACC about your project well in advance of starting work. Click here for a pdf of the ACC change request form.


CCRs & By-Laws

These are the HOA rules that we abide by to maintain the beauty and aesthetic of the neighborhood.


Association Budget

The Association's calendar year 2024 working budget.

Exterior Main House Colors -- Approved House Color Guide

This is an assortment of Clark + Kensington paint colors that are approved exterior house paint colors. Take a few minutes to read the requirements of the CCRs regarding paint. Contact the ACC for guidance BEFORE you begin.


Meeting Minutes

The minutes taken at recent board meetings and annual homeowner meetings



Recent association newsletters


HOA map

A layout of the properties that make up the Vista View Village HOA


Plat maps

Vista View Village 1 (lots 1-5) (may need to right click and save as)

Vista View Village 2 (lots 6-75) page 1

Vista View Village 2 (lots 6-75) page 2

Lot Lines

Look up your property's details on the county GIS website:
(start with plats 2228 & 2293 if you're not sure)

CMAP (jurisdiction, schools, assessment info, etc)

CCSIS (plat, survey, and public land corner information)


HOA directory (user log-in required)

A roster of the homeowner members in the Vista View Village HOA.
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