What are the Board positions?

Our 1977 Articles of Incorporation describe the mission of our Association as operating and maintaining the Association to promote the health, safety and welfare of the residents. (Articles of Incorporation Article Two). We are a group of volunteer servant leaders who share our time, energy, and expertise to help the Vista View Village HOA achieve this mission.

By-Laws Article Eight Section 8 explains the duties of the officers of the Board of Directors (what we call the Board). You should of course read and be familiar with the CCRs and By-Laws of the Association, but in simple terms these are the job descriptions of the Board positions:


Presides at Board meetings
Ensures Board resolutions are carried out
Signs checks and written instruments when necessary


Acts in place of the President when necessary
Assists in the follow-up or execution of Board resolutions


Serves notice of Association meetings
Maintains archives


Manages the Association debits and credits
Signs checks and promissory notes
Presents a summary financial statement at each meeting

The Board is permitted to create special duty positions, and we currently have three:

  • Architechtural Control Committee, who advise homeowner members on compliance and the Board on violations
  • Greenways Manager, who manages the landscape maintenance providers (this position is open now)
  • Member-At-Large, who advocates for the homeowner members and chairs special projects